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The ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.

How can we be?…when we have not yet rooted; nor do we possess energy to offer our hearts to the heavens?

And to spend our definite time wondering, where do we belong? With distorted thoughts and emotions, that challenge our effortless being.

Camatkarasana— how can we come into it with grace and mindfulness; whilst attending

deeper connection.

…We want to take that pose and its vehement feeling to open ourselves, Like a blooming lotus, revealing the cage that protects our hearts, we may find ourselves vulnerable, but with our tested patience, we find strength—molding our physical to match the apparatus of our inner spirit.

we disregard what once broke us, no longer meditating on our awaiting travails. here we are: present. And for five deep breaths, we—enraptured—to ourselves in the now.

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