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About House of Leaves Yoga

House of Leaves was founded and created by me, Aria Trueblood,with help from wonderful friends who support this and future projects. House of Leaves is an umbrella for many different types of projects I hope to create over the course of my life to help people heal and contribute positively in their communities.  The name was inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski's novel, House of Leaves. This House of Leaves will have branches and many leaves that will lead to future projects that will strive to benefit and bring positive change to Philadelphia, and hopefully the world.


House of Leaves Yoga, is the first leaf. As we transition in life as humans, it is best to begin working on the mind and its connection with our body, and Yoga can help us to do that. For now, House of Leaves is online and at various studios in and around Philadelphia. Although I hope someday to grow it into a yoga studio in the physical form, I will be the leaf as I journey from studio to studio to teach my classes. 


As we go our way, day by day; leaf by leaf, we will navigate an endless labyrinth that will be our beautiful journey. I hope you will join me along the way!

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