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House of Leaves Yoga 

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a popular style that emphasizes the connection between breath and movement in a flowing sequence of poses. It offers a dynamic and energetic practice that builds strength, flexibility, and balance. Each class is unique as teachers have the freedom to design their sequences, incorporating creative transitions and variations to keep the practice engaging and diverse. Vinyasa yoga provides an opportunity for practitioners to cultivate mindfulness, explore their bodies, and find a sense of meditation in motion.


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is commonly practiced in the Mysore style, which involves individualized instruction within a group setting. In Mysore style, students work at their own pace, memorizing and progressing through the Ashtanga series at their own rhythm, receiving hands-on adjustments and guidance from the teacher when needed. This self-paced approach allows for a personalized experience and fosters a deep connection between the student, the practice, and the teacher, making Mysore style a popular choice for dedicated practitioners of Ashtanga yoga.

Aria Trueblood

Aria - 9_edited_edited.jpg

I'm Aria, a passionate yoga teacher and enthusiastic traveler who merges my love for exploration and connection to guide students on transformative journeys. I believe in the healing power of yoga and focus on assisting students in establishing profound connections with themselves. Based in Philadelphia, I embrace a warm and compassionate approach, creating a space for exploration of body, mind, and spirit. My joyful nature extends to my love for dogs and my belief in the transformative power of laughter and connection. With five years of consistent personal practice, I specialize in Mysore style Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa yoga, infusing my classes with dynamic flows and empowering sequences. Teaching is a reciprocal process for me, as I learn more about myself through guiding students and recognizing that everyone is a reflection of my own journey. Committed to uplifting and inspiring others, my dedication lies in helping students navigate their paths towards self-realization and transformation.

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